Fast 10 Minute Phone Application - No Forms - Call our Madison office at 608-620-3361.

We charge $25.00 to take your sellers permit application over the phone. To apply today call 608-620-3361.  After we take your application, please make your $25.00 payment below. 


Your permit can be used for retail or online sales, craft shows, food vendors, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, bars, hair salons, flea markets, etc.  Your permit number will be issued by the State of Wisconsin within 24 - 48 hours.



Questions? Call 608-620-3361.   You'll be billed separately for your $20.00 business tax registration fee by DOR in the mail.  

You'll receive your sellers permit (resale number to purchase tax free) permit in 7 business days.

About Us?

Call 608-620-3361 or send your question to  We are a private company in Madison, Wisconsin, and are not a state agency.   Mark formerly worked for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  During that time, Mark answered more than 115,000 questions for customers regarding sales tax, permits and related issues.

A seller’s permit (re-seller permit) is required for every individual, partnership, corporation, or other organization making retail sales, leases, or rentals of tangible personal property or taxable services in Wisconsin, unless all sales are exempt. ST-12 Sales tax return click here.  Click here for a free FEIN number.  Takes only 5 minutes.  Sole proprietors do not need one. 

What does a seller's permit look like?

You should apply at least 3 weeks before you plan on selling a taxable service or product.




Sales Tax Management Software - Taxjar(R)

Check out Taxjar for sales tax software.  Simplify your tax returns.

Purchase resale items tax exempt

For a Wisconsin resale certificate, use this link.  You will need your sellers permit number.

Make Your Payment - No PayPal account is needed

No Paypal account needed.  Click "Check Out" on the bottom of the next screen.

"My only complaint is that Mark has a radio voice. I am jealous. I wish I had a radio voice." - Milwaukee, WI

You can use the wi sellers permit to sell tangible personal property like firewood, hot food and other internet items.  The wisconsin reseller permit cost $40.00 via our program.

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